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Saturday, 27 October 2012

About Us . . .

The Ostomy Association social media site was designed and conceptualized when the Philippine Cancer Society with its advocate partners launched the World Ostomy Day 2012 Celebration with the theme: “Let’s Be Heard” at Balitaan sa Aloha on October 3, 2012, which was a joint project of the Philippine Cancer Society, the Association of Colorectal Surgeons in the Philippines, Association of Colorectal Surgeons in Asia, the Ostomy Association of the Philippines and Balitaan sa Aloha.

A digital cyber advocate for nearly a decade thereafter decided to design and develop this site for the Ostomy Association of the Philippines.  The video produced during the forum was uploaded in You Tube, featured in social media sites and distributed through emails aside from mainstream media, which were syndicated by foreign media publication and other mainstream media abroad,  through the internet. Consequently, the celebration of the event  was considered one of the most publicized and well covered celebration from among the Ostomy Associations all over the world.

This site is a creation in the making for all Filipino  Colorectal cancer survivors  to bond in the cyber space, learn the rudiments of digital arts and later on to propagate their advocacy through the cyber media for others to follow.

May God be with Us.